Pros And Cons Of Flat Roof VS Pitched Roof

December 19, 2016  //  Posted by: Sussane  //  Category: Home Construction
Flat roof vs pitched roof

Comparison of flat roof and pitched roof

If you have any plans to have a new roof installed in your home or shed, make sure that you evaluate each and every option you have got. When you are going to buy a new dress, you will see many stores and then pick the one which you liked from all of the stores. If you can be so much choosy and careful while buying a new dress then how can you take the decision of installing your new roof so easily? It becomes very much essential that you consider all your options compare them and then jump on to the final decision. Basically there are two types of roof prevalent in today’s time one is pitched roof and the one is flat roof. Pitched roof has styles like gable, hipped and cross gable, whereas flat roof does not have any slope and comes in single ply and spray polyurethane designs. Check out both flat roofs and pitched roofs and decide yourself as to which type of roof you want to opt for. Here is a comparison between flat roofs and pitched roofs.


Both flat roofs and pitched roofs need regular level of maintenance. However pitched roof can be difficult for cleaning and inspection because of its sloped structure whereas flat roofs can prove to be tougher for cleaning and inspection throughout its lifespan. Drainage system of flat roof is not as much effective as that of pitched roof. If regular inspection is not done than chances are there of drainage system getting clogged leading to leaks and damage. Roof will need a waterproof sealing which is needed to be maintained regularly for preventing leaks and expensive repairs. Majority of the flat roofing leaks are because of lack of regular inspection and also maintenance. Hence ensure that you are having enough time for checking your roof on a regular basis if you are opting for flat roof and you don’t have such time then better go for pitched roof.


When there is comparison of cost, flat roof is considered cheaper than pitched roof. If you are residing in an area with high rainfall and you go for flat roof because of its low cost then the rest of the money will be compensated in repairs in the future years to come. The repairing costs of flat roof are more as compared to that with pitched roof. Pitched roof are less prone to moisture issues and are quite affordable option in the long run.


Now it’s your call as to which type of structure will be more suitable for your flat roof structure or pitched roof structure. A pitched gives more amount of stability as compared with that of flat roof. Pitch roof also provides great amount of drainage in those areas with heavy rainfall. If you are residing in an area with lesser amount of rainfall then you can probably go for opting flat roof. If you want design for contemporary home then also flat roof is more suitable.

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