Pros And Cons Of Flat Roof VS Pitched Roof

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Flat roof vs pitched roof

Comparison of flat roof and pitched roof

If you have any plans to have a new roof installed in your home or shed, make sure that you evaluate each and every option you have got. When you are going to buy a new dress, you will see many stores and then pick the one which you liked from all of the stores. If you can be so much choosy and careful while buying a new dress then how can you take the decision of installing your new roof so easily? It becomes very much essential that you consider all your options compare them and then jump on to the final decision. Basically there are two types of roof prevalent in today’s time one is pitched roof and the one is flat roof. Pitched roof has styles like gable, hipped and cross gable, whereas flat roof does not have any slope and comes in single ply and spray polyurethane designs. Check out both flat roofs and pitched roofs and decide yourself as to which type of roof you want to opt for. Here is a comparison between flat roofs and pitched roofs.


Both flat roofs and pitched roofs need regular level of maintenance. However pitched roof can be difficult for cleaning and inspection because of its sloped structure whereas flat roofs can prove to be tougher for cleaning and inspection throughout its lifespan. Drainage system of flat roof is not as much effective as that of pitched roof. If regular inspection is not done than chances are there of drainage system getting clogged leading to leaks and damage. Roof will need a waterproof sealing which is needed to be maintained regularly for preventing leaks and expensive repairs. Majority of the flat roofing leaks are because of lack of regular inspection and also maintenance. Hence ensure that you are having enough time for checking your roof on a regular basis if you are opting for flat roof and you don’t have such time then better go for pitched roof.


When there is comparison of cost, flat roof is considered cheaper than pitched roof. If you are residing in an area with high rainfall and you go for flat roof because of its low cost then the rest of the money will be compensated in repairs in the future years to come. The repairing costs of flat roof are more as compared to that with pitched roof. Pitched roof are less prone to moisture issues and are quite affordable option in the long run.


Now it’s your call as to which type of structure will be more suitable for your flat roof structure or pitched roof structure. A pitched gives more amount of stability as compared with that of flat roof. Pitch roof also provides great amount of drainage in those areas with heavy rainfall. If you are residing in an area with lesser amount of rainfall then you can probably go for opting flat roof. If you want design for contemporary home then also flat roof is more suitable.

Benefits Of Having A Carport

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Advantages of carportHaving a carport in your home can be a life changing decision for you. You think it is only your vehicle which received advantages of having a carport in your house. But it is not so. A carport is not just for parking your vehicle. There are many other hidden benefits of having a carport in your house. Carport is having this simple structure but has many benefits which you haven’t even thought of. It’s a necessity to have something in your home which is to protect your vehicle. Now you might be confused as to whether to opt for garage or to opt for carport. This can be a tough choice but having a carport is for sure beneficial for your home. Especially when you are tight on budget and yet want an option for protection of vehicle then you can definitely go for a carport. Garage is of course a big investment decision involving lots of money where as carport does the same work but with less amount of money. Here are some of the added benefits of having a carport at your home. These benefits will make your decision more strong for having a carport instead of garage.

  • The major and most prevalent benefit of having a carport is that it can save your vehicle from many weather conditions and all other harsh natural elements. Sun, hail, wind, rain and snow are the factors which can damage your vehicle a lot and hence it is very important to have a carport and save your vehicle from getting damaged due to such elements.
  • Having a carport also makes unloading the car very easy. If you are having a garage then parking and unloading a car can be very much difficult but if you are having a carport, it is not so. As carport has overhead protection and doesn’t have side walls, it becomes easy to park and unload your vehicle.
  • You are many choices in case of carports. There are many types of carports and according to the area and weather conditions of your area; you can choose the types of carport to be installed in your home. You can choose from wood carport, metal carport, steel carport, aluminum carports and many such carports. While having a carport in your home, choose the type of carport wisely.
  • Installation of carport is very easy. As you have to install just a roof and not all the walls of four sides, it becomes really easy for you to have a carport in your home.
  • Having a carport in your home is also a cheap and inexpensive way to protect your vehicle. You have to spend a lot of bucks if you want to have a garage in your home but it is not the case with carport.
  • Carport can add a nice and considerable value to your home. It is helpful during your stay and at the time of resale also having a carport can be a plus point.

Installing Stair Runners

February 07, 2014  //  Posted by: Property Owner  //  Category: Home Construction

Installing Stair RunnersStair runners are usually carpets which are installed on the stairs to make the look of the house more appealing. It has its other set of advantages too like preventing slipping on/ from the glossy staircase or giving more warmth in the warmer colder months of winter. The best way to feel like you have made a very good buy is do the work yourself. Installing the carpet on your own is a whiz. The hardware store (if you buy your carpet from there) sometimes even rents out the tools to do the installation job. The tools that can come handy if you are thinking of a self installation are: a carpet knife, a knee kicker, an eye protection goggles, sheet metal snips, a carpet tool, a hack saw, framing squares, tape measure, 9/ 16” electric staple gun and a rubber mallet.

Spiral or winding staircases may be a little difficult to deal with but not too difficult to do it yourself. It may take longer but the work if done yourself gives you a sense of pride on finishing it. Once you remove the old carpet, before installing the new carpet the area would have to be clean. This would include removing old paint stain or glue stains from the previous carpet. Now that everything is ready the new carpet is ready to be fitted.

You can start by laying out the stair runner strips and then fitting the carpet pad. Fitting of the carpet pad is a very important thing. It should be undetectable and gives the main grip to the runner. After this installation the runner should be secured to the first stair. Attachment of this runner to the treads is what follows. After this the runner should be fastened with the riser and the last thing is fitting the rods.

Creative Home Construction

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Creative Home ConstructionThere has been quite a sudden downturn of activity in the business of home construction. Builders are becoming more open to new savvy and innovative techniques for construction and buyers are lapping up all of them. As the phrase goes, “change is always good”, and buyers are agreeing to that now more than ever. Builders are becoming more and more creative in their work techniques to survive in the market. They are drawing the audience by reinventing themselves and showing new and improved craftsmanship.

Builders are realizing that the women in the family often have the final say regarding the purchase of a new house. Hence they are catering to this section of the buyers by incorporating some new innovations such as larger laundry rooms, more storage space, larger kitchens, security systems and higher quality construction. But they have not totally forgotten about the men either. Bigger garages with a work area, space for a home theatre system and a big TV (to enjoy all the football), separate shower rooms and tubs, they know what the men look for. So for all the guys out there, you have nothing to worry about.

If you believe in health consciousness and “going green”, builders have ways for that too. They are incorporating many energy saving techniques, including using products such as emit less gasses after the construction is done. Cooling and heating costs are being taken into account and more economical products are being installed. Flexible flooring plans, outdoor rooms, terrace gardens, gazebos, porch swings, even Feng Shui is being used in the designing and construction of new and modern houses.

Whether it is constructing a new modern innovative house or redesigning an existing one with new gadgets, you can bank on the builders to make your house look creative and great with their out-of-the-box techniques.

New home maintenance tips

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home maintenance tipsNew homes need to be maintained less but actually keeping them new is not possible. Hence try not to neglect the pressing issues of maintenance over time and deal with problems quickly and decisively. One of the simplest things to do is to repair the damaged and broken at home. Make sure to regularly check weak spots in and around the home. Check the attics or less frequented spaces with a flashlight every month to avoid some problems from creeping up unawares. Check washers, dryers and pipes monthly to check for corrosion or rust.

As for electrical appliances check their working and make sure they are maintained properly. Checking filters and cleaning them in case of air conditioners and heaters are one way to go. Check the doors, windows and roofs every six months for any repair work required. Check the electrical ring for any discrepancies and make sure to install MCB’s in your new home.




Building a new home-an affordable plan

June 18, 2012  //  Posted by: Property Owner  //  Category: Home Construction

Tips to build a new home, home construction tipsEveryone has a dream to own a house for himself. Building a house is not very easy task. There are some tips which you should keep in mind when you are building house in your budget. The first thing you should decide about the area on which the house that is going to be built. Then you should decide how many rooms you should have in your home. Then you may decide about area for the garden, garage or backyard.

You should also decide how many floors you want to have in your house. Then you may decide a good architect who is going to build your house. You should also see that the material used in construction of the house is of good quality. You should clearly state your budget to the architect so that your house is built in your budget. Thus these tips will surely help you in building your house.

Hire a prestige home builder for your dream house

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Hire a builder, tips for home constructionSo finally when you have gathered the resources to give shape to your dream home, you realise that there are array of options to realise your dream and among them is hiring a prestigious builder for your dream home, but you need to take care of a few facts before dealing with the right option.

The first step would involve doing some research work on the best prestige builders through contacts and references. Just believing on plans and designs can get you a wrong impression so be clear on your unique specifications and have personal visits to their previous builds. Make contacts with homeowners who have got a prestigious home constructed recently, to get some value advices. Make sure you incorporate your future plans in your project, because these builds require considerable investments. So get the best value for your investment. Make use of the value added advice from the builder if you can compromise upon a few sections.

Where to find a luxury home builder

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Tips to find home builder, home builderBuilding a dream home with all the facilities and aspects which you love is a aim of every human’s life. But for all of it to come true one has to find the right builder who can make and construct the house exactly like it is printed in your heart and mind. The first and foremost step which will make your dream luxury house come true in reality is a good and well reputed luxury house builder.

The first thing which you must do in order to find a good luxury home builder is to go for recommendations from your family members, relatives, friends and colleagues. One can also find luxury house builders in the local directory or yellow pages. Look for a luxury house builder who has done some work in building luxury houses and has a pretty good work experience so that he can understand what actually you want.

How to select a reliable local builder for your dream home

May 17, 2012  //  Posted by: Property Owner  //  Category: Home Construction

Hire a builder, tips for home constructionOwning a home and even building it from scratch can be a dream of many people. Most people want to have their own homes as per their design choice. However, just having the right permissions from the local authorities or having the financial strength can not guarantee that one will have the house of their dreams. For that one needs to wisely choose a reliable builder.

It is recommended that one go for the local builders as they have the requisite experience in building houses in the concerned area. One must not only discuss the amount of money needed by the builders but also discuss the master plan with these people to understand whether the builder can do the job properly or not. Looking at the credential and the testimonials of the builder can also be a very good idea to choose between the options.

What kind of neighborhood should you choose before building a home?

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Build a home, home building tipsOne should choose a home depending on the neighborhood as it is very essential to known and blend in to the lifestyle of the people surrounding you to acquire the harmony of living. If one notices carefully one can see that various neighborhoods have a lot of various different characteristics even though they are all within a specific area.

Before you choose a plot to build your house make sure you find a perfect neighborhood which fits the closest to your taste and preferences, personality and lifestyle so that you can be at complete ease and highly comfortable when you shift to your new home. Having the same taste and preference like that of your neighbors will make you people gel along quite well with them.

One should do some detailed research knowing about the people living in the neighborhood, also looking at the basic amenities of life such as good school and educational institutions, lots of greenery, parks and playground for your kids, nearby shops for grocery shopping and hospitals and medicine shops in case of emergencies.