Stone homes-eco friendly approach to living

June 20, 2012  //  Posted by: Property Owner  //  Category: Green Real Estate

Stone homes, eco friendly homesStone homes are aesthetic and environmentally friendly habitat. Stone homes are very durable and come with a variety of texture options. In today’s modern era eco friendly homes are immensely popular because of magnificent properties. Stone home hold the capacity to resist wind, water, fire and many insects including termites. Some stone homes provide a unique and natural feel that takes you back to the European castles.

Stones like granite that are durable should be used. Stone homes are eco friendly because of the usage of local and natural materials that require lesser energy to transform into structural supports, cladding or finishing. The heating and cooling energy usage in stone homes only accounts to about 20% of the energy used by usual homes. Stone homes consume energy that is 40% lower than standard houses. They have an additional capacity to create their own energy. Stone homes also keep you away from harmful pollutants that you shall be exposed to in standard homes.

Go green with green apartments

June 08, 2012  //  Posted by: Property Owner  //  Category: Green Real Estate

Green living tips, environmental friendly apartmentAs we all know green is the color of peace. So, a green atmosphere, kind of add stability to the mind. The color is very soft and thus has a tender effect on your mind. The most effective way to add greenery to the atmosphere is to plant more and more trees which will help to keep the atmosphere fresh. Thus the apartment will look environmental friendly. Use a simple green cleaner which is biodegradable and contains no chemical. Reject the old rubber sponges and replace with sea sponges. It is necessary to use the natural soaps. Try to quit smoking as early as possible. Fluorescent lights are also good to use.

Minimize the usage of plastic bags. Try to save water as then it will save a lot of energy which will help you to go green. Organic drapes, bedding and clothes are worth it. Reuse the newspapers after reading them. Recycle your papers and try to maintain the appliances which are energy efficient. Try to save electricity by using alternative lights for example candles. Thus using the natural products you can keep your environment as well as apartment green.

Solar Homes – Always A More Economical Choice

May 30, 2012  //  Posted by: Property Owner  //  Category: Green Real Estate

Solar Homes, eco friendly homesDo you want to do your bit for Mother Earth? If you do, you can get started on a solar power home or a solar home. Building up a solar home basically means using solar lights and different kinds of solar home products in the house. Using solar products at home not only has environmental advantages but also has its economical advantages also. So, how is actually using solar energy at home a financial intelligent thing to do?

Energy from the sun is totally free once you have purchased the solar lights and solar panels. This will mean that you will save a lot of money on your electric bill. In fact, if you use solar energy extensively you will also be able to get certain financial incentives from the national government. This will also contribute towards lessening your expenses. Moreover, if you do not need all the sun energy that your solar system produces, you can sell it for money.

Benefits of green homes

May 21, 2012  //  Posted by: Property Owner  //  Category: Green Real Estate

The green homes are basically houses that made out of eco-friendly materials. in this age of high pollution and high consumption of energy, green homes can be a very effective way to both cutting several expenses and living a healthier life. Green homes will obviously use alternative forms of fuels that will help the house to run by using less energy than the regular homes. A lot of electrical appliances can be operated by using the solar energy during the day time.

This energy can also be trapped by certain panels so that they can be used at the nigh time as well. Green homes will have a special roofing technology that will help the house to condition the air without using and exhausting a lot of electricity. Green homes can be the least a homeowner can do as a contribution to prevent the global economic crisis. A neighborhood of green homes can be healthier than a regular one any day.

All about sustainable architecture

May 15, 2012  //  Posted by: Property Owner  //  Category: Green Real Estate

Sustainable architecture, eco-friendly architecturesWith the over use of natural resources more and more of the Earth is being destroyed on a daily basis by humans. It is only recently that humans have identified this issue and they have seriously started working on the means of reducing this damage by using sustainable technology in as many things as possible. As a part of this, sustainable technology has also stated making its mark in the area of architecture. More and more buildings these days are made in this way.

This technique mainly involves the use of eco-friendly processes and materials for the construction of any building. It also keeps in mind that they try and build the building in such a way that the use of artificial lighting may be reduced. This will lead to the decrease in use of energy in general. Also one makes sure that the building has facilities that are dependant on renewable source of energy and they do not pollute the atmosphere.

Are green real estates’ more pricy than regular one

April 25, 2012  //  Posted by: Property Owner  //  Category: Green Real Estate

In the present world, a very dreadful problem is global warming. The only way to do away with the problem is planting of green plants. As a result greenery has found its place in the modern real estates’ also. They keep the environment very cool and eye soothing also. But such real estates’ come for a higher price than the regular ones which have less greenery or none. If you are not on a strictly limited budget, exceeding which you may face problems then real estate with greenery may remain a dream for you.

But it entirely depends on the place where you are looking for the property. Because if you are ready to buy the property at places which are not yet developed much, then you may manage to get real estate with green plantation and good environment that the greenery provides. They are also is much demand these days.