Installing Stair Runners

February 07, 2014  //  Posted by: Property Owner  //  Category: Home Construction

Installing Stair RunnersStair runners are usually carpets which are installed on the stairs to make the look of the house more appealing. It has its other set of advantages too like preventing slipping on/ from the glossy staircase or giving more warmth in the warmer colder months of winter. The best way to feel like you have made a very good buy is do the work yourself. Installing the carpet on your own is a whiz. The hardware store (if you buy your carpet from there) sometimes even rents out the tools to do the installation job. The tools that can come handy if you are thinking of a self installation are: a carpet knife, a knee kicker, an eye protection goggles, sheet metal snips, a carpet tool, a hack saw, framing squares, tape measure, 9/ 16” electric staple gun and a rubber mallet.

Spiral or winding staircases may be a little difficult to deal with but not too difficult to do it yourself. It may take longer but the work if done yourself gives you a sense of pride on finishing it. Once you remove the old carpet, before installing the new carpet the area would have to be clean. This would include removing old paint stain or glue stains from the previous carpet. Now that everything is ready the new carpet is ready to be fitted.

You can start by laying out the stair runner strips and then fitting the carpet pad. Fitting of the carpet pad is a very important thing. It should be undetectable and gives the main grip to the runner. After this installation the runner should be secured to the first stair. Attachment of this runner to the treads is what follows. After this the runner should be fastened with the riser and the last thing is fitting the rods.