Be careful while picking your tenants

October 07, 2013  //  Posted by: Property Owner  //  Category: Rent

picking your tenantsAre you on hunt of prospective tenants for your property? Putting a property on rent is a very wise decision and many home-owners are really earning big with tenants. However, the earning assurance from rent is largely dependent on the selection of your tenant. A bad selection can prove to be a nightmare for a landlord. Hence be careful while you are screening the tenants for your property. The article here is a brief on the tips to remember while selecting your tenants.

First of all you must run a criminal check on your potential tenants. Looks can be deceptive and not all criminals come with bloodshot eyes- some of them just look like your next door guy or girl and so don’t hesitate a criminal check prior to proceeding with any formal arrangements with the prospect. Then, study the appearance of the tenant. Your chosen one must be neat & clean as well as maintain an amiable attitude. An unkempt appearance is the reflection of an unkempt lifestyle which might have a bad impact on your property. An unkempt person won’t be careful enough to keep the property in shape and might end up damaging the house badly.

Then, make sure that the tenant you are about to choose comes with a stable job and steady income flow. This is an important point to consider as this concerns the regularity of rent from the tenant. Besides, you should also ask the tenant about his previous whereabouts. This means you have to inquire him about the previous stays, the reason for leaving the earlier residence and why is he eager to hire your property. If your tenant was staying on rent earlier, request him to notify about the previous landlord. Again do not hesitate to contact the landlord and ask in detail about the landlord’s experience with the tenant.