Advantages of investing in an old property

May 27, 2013  //  Posted by: Property Owner  //  Category: Home Financing

investing in an old propertyAre you planning to invest in a property but perplexed whether to go for a new house or put your money on an old one? Well, there are huge advantages of investing in an old property right from money to future profits. Firstly, old property will cost you a lot lesser amount of money than any new ones. Next, old properties are sold for various reasons and sometimes the reasons work really for the benefit of the buyer.

Properties that are to be sold for family disputes, divorce cases or urgent need for money are just a jackpot for any investor. There is always a hurry to sell the property and sometimes you can get it at a very cheap rate. Same goes with properties that are sold for mortgage. The location of the property will be just perfect and you can renovate the place as per your desire with a small amount of expenditure.

New home maintenance tips

May 06, 2013  //  Posted by: Property Owner  //  Category: Home Construction

home maintenance tipsNew homes need to be maintained less but actually keeping them new is not possible. Hence try not to neglect the pressing issues of maintenance over time and deal with problems quickly and decisively. One of the simplest things to do is to repair the damaged and broken at home. Make sure to regularly check weak spots in and around the home. Check the attics or less frequented spaces with a flashlight every month to avoid some problems from creeping up unawares. Check washers, dryers and pipes monthly to check for corrosion or rust.

As for electrical appliances check their working and make sure they are maintained properly. Checking filters and cleaning them in case of air conditioners and heaters are one way to go. Check the doors, windows and roofs every six months for any repair work required. Check the electrical ring for any discrepancies and make sure to install MCB’s in your new home.