What are dangers associated with coastal properties?

April 18, 2013  //  Posted by: Property Owner  //  Category: Coastal Properties

coastal properties, property tipsCoastal properties are always prone to destruction due to the regular rise in sea levels. Extra sand is put to prevent the houses to collapse. The rising sea level breaches the foundation of the properties. The areas where the coastal lands are flat, the properties there are more prone to destruction.

Properties should never be built right beside the coastline. The glaciers are melting and that water merges into the sea. This is a big threat to the coastal properties. Due to global warming, sea water gets heated up very much. This makes the sea water expand. The hot sea water starts destroying the properties present in the coast line. High tidal waves are also responsible for the destruction. Along with all these, lack of fresh water is also a danger for the properties. A historic lighthouse built in 1870, in America had to be shifted for the threat of destruction.